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Hunting: The Big Game

Hunting is the act of killing any living being as a hobby or for commercial or professional purpose. Nowadays this term usually refers to the hunting activities that are allowed by local laws as per the region or kind of species. Hunting is different than poaching however several people misunderstand one thing for another. Illegal killing or capturing of living beings is known as poaching.

Some wildlife experts say that hunting can be useful to keep a check on excessive wildlife. However many countries put a ban on hunting without permission of local authority to avoid extinction of their valuable species from the world.

Laws and Regulations governing the hunting:

There are certain laws and regulations that have been formulated in order to prevent wild life from absolute extinction. Some of them are as follows:

1) Bag Limits: The term “bag limits” refers to the small basket that hunters take on the hunt to carry their prey. Bag limits are set as per the law to set the limit on the numbers of animals of a specified species that can be killed, though there are some species for which bag limits do not applied or exempt. The laws governing the bag limits may also decide other specifications of animals that a hunter can kill.

2) Closed Season: A closed season is used in hunting for a time period in which local authorities put a ban on hunting of animals or other living beings. These closed seasons are organized with an intention to protect species of a particular class endangered of extinction to protect them during their breeding season and let hem help in growing their population.

3) Poaching: Poaching is an illegal form of hunting in which hunters kill or capture wild species of animals and other living beings contrary to the requirements of local and transnational laws made for betterment of wildlife. The term of poaching is also used for the neglection or violations of hunting laws and regulations.

Religious Views about hunting:

Among all the religions of the world, some specifically preach against the killing of innocent animals. Some preach against the hunting of animals for food or other consumption purposes like Hinduism. Christianity believes are difficult to refined. Some people said that it is okay to hunt and other oppresses this idea up to a considerable extent. Islam allows hunting certain animals for the purpose of food subject to some conditions. But the conclusion is almost the same, every religion despise the act of hunting for fun and pleasure.

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